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The Safety and Justice Challenge elicited an overwhelming response. A total of 191 applications were submitted from jurisdictions spanning 45 states and territories. In 2015, 20 were selected to participate in the Challenge Network to develop comprehensive plans for creating fairer, more effective justice systems. In 2017, an additional 20 jurisdictions were selected to join in the Safety and Justice Network through the Challenge Innovation Fund. In 2018, the Innovation Fund expanded with the addition of 12 new jurisdictions.

Within the Challenge Network, 28 Implementation Sites are receiving substantial funding and expert technical assistance to implement ambitious reforms to make their local justice systems fairer and more effective. Twenty-Four Innovation Sites are receiving short-term support to design and test a single innovative reform program or project.

The Challenge Network sites represent 51 cities and counties, across 32 states, that are modeling and inspiring reform. They are geographically distributed throughout the country and have a diverse jail capacity size, ranging from 140 beds in Campbell County, TN to as many as 20,000 beds in Los Angeles County. Collectively, the Challenge Network holds a jail capacity of almost 150,000 and accounts for 16% of the total confined jail population.  

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