Multnomah County, OR


Multnomah County is the home of Portland. It is recognized for its criminal justice leadership, and has made a significant investment in assessment and planning related to jail diversion, improving public safety, and increasing supports for populations with disproportionate jail use.

Multnomah County partners have a strong history of collaborative criminal justice reform. Notable examples include the Multnomah County Justice Reinvestment Project, which seeks to reduce costly prison usage with more effective local crime control strategies, and the Portland Police Bureau Behavioral Health Unit collaborative, which works on improving law enforcement responses for people with behavioral health issues through crisis intervention and service coordination.

Multnomah County is the lead agency for the Safety and Justice Challenge, but will house the effort in the Multnomah County Local Public Safety Coordinating Council, which is co-chaired by the Mayor of Portland and a Multnomah County Commissioner.

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